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My Story

In 2011 with a baby and a toddler, my husband and I moved into a council house. We had just lost everything financially due to my long-term health diagnosis and mounting debt because of a lack of work.

I woke up to the realisation that life as I knew it had changed. My career as a project manager working in the arts and heritage sector and heading my own charity had been no more. My desire to develop my career as a motivational speaker and coach seemed impossible. My husband had loss at his Olympic Trials and was devastated. I was then diagnosed with the debilitating conditions of Fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis. I was in severe pain 24/7 and became physically disabled. I had a strong faith, yet I became discouraged and disillusioned. The draft of my completed Memoir sat in my desk drawer. My greatest desire was to continue my work mentoring and empowering artists and athletes. And my priority as a mother was unshakeable. I wanted to do better for them.

In 2015 I wrote a poem for a publication titled ‘Hail Global Voices’ it spurred me to continue writing poetry and in 2017 I published my Memoir followed by my book of poems in 2018. I continued to share inspirational and positive affirming post across my social media platforms. Above all I began exploring ways to cope with my conditions whilst being the best mother I can possibly be to our children.

The global pandemic and lockdown in 2020 sparked my creativity further and led me to explore technology as a means to communicate with others and potential clients. My own pursuit of therapy and coaching for my self-development ignited my desire to help others overcome trials and embark on new adventures in their lives.

Fulfilled Coaching is a welcoming and strategic practice for women pursuing career change, with a desire to create new dreams, discover their divine purpose and live their best lives. There is one-to-one coaching packages but I also work with groups to channel greater accountability and shared experiences.

Having helped and empowered numerous artists, athletes, community leaders, young professionals, coaches and parents during my 25 year career span, and in recent years through the sharing of my own story, I know that I can make a difference in your life.

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My Approach

While I take everyone through the same necessary procedure, the actual coaching can vary greatly. At the initial consultation session, I’ll assess where you are now and decide on the right plan and your individual programme’s cost. This first consultation session is essential in deciding on our primary goals and is the first step of the process.

The basis of the process is to decide how you will reach your goals and the day-to-day decisions to help you get there. I’ll also be there to help support you as you implement the programme. We’ll start by setting our priorities and posteriorities, which will remain highly significant throughout the process. Then, I’ll guide you through what to do and what not to do. Gradually, step by step, we move closer towards achieving your goals and future success.

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